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NEWS OF 1999

(Mar. 30, 1999)
Nidek Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against VISX

(Feb. 24, 1999)
Nidek Files Counterclaims Against VISX Excimer Laser Patents

(Feb. 18, 1999)
Nidek Responds to Patent infringement Allegations by VISX

(Feb. 5, 1999)
Nidek and Partners Create New Human Graft Tissue Joint Venture

(Feb. 3, 1999)
Nidek wins another round in excimer laser patent litigation

(Jan. 21, 1999)
Nidek defends itself against VISX

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- TOKYO, JAPAN, February 3, 1999 -

Nidek's corporate offices in Japan announced today another legal victory in the company's ongoing efforts to assert its right to manufacture and market the EC-5000 excimer laser on a worldwide basis. Summit Technology of Waltham, Massachusetts has now joined VISX, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA), in unsuccessfully asserting patents in attempts to block the sale and use of Nidek's excimer laser. Summit, claiming infringement of its Japanese patent No. 2,125,313, (the so-called Azema patent) filed a lawsuit against Nidek on April 15, 1996. The case was heard by the Civil Affairs 29th Section of the Tokyo District Court, and last month the court found in favor of Nidek -- a ruling that once again supports the company's basic position that their technology does not infringe on that of other excimer lasers.

In October of last year, Nidek successfully defended itself against another patent infringement lawsuit brought by VISX, Inc. in the United Kingdom. In that case, VISX's European patents Nos. 0,151,869 and 0,207,648 were found either invalid, or Nidek was found not to infringe. Summit and VISX, former partners in a patent royalties-sharing scheme known as Pillar Point Partners, dissolved their partnership in the face of anti-trust charges by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission. Both companies have recently individually brought suit against Nidek in the United States, alleging infringement of patents. Those cases are pending. Nidek will vigorously defend those suits as it has already done in the U.K. and Japanese actions.

Kazumi Suzuki, manager of the Legal Affairs Section at Nidek, commented on the latest ruling: "While we understand that the patent laws of various countries may differ, it is clear that the scope of the U.S. version of the Azema patent is much more narrow than its Japanese counterpart. Therefore, our recent victories in Japan and the United Kingdom are positive indications that we will prevail in the U.S., as well."

NIDEK CO., Ltd. is a 27-year-old privately held company located in Japan, with subsidiary offices in the United States and France. NIDEK manufactures intraocular lenses and surgical & diagnostic instrumentation for eye care specialists in over 90 countries. The company's EC-5000 excimer laser has been in development since 1985, and received U.S. regulatory approval for PRK of mild to moderate myopia, in December of last year. Excimer lasers are used to correct refractive errors and reduce dependence on glasses and contact lenses by altering the shape of the cornea in a rapid procedure. More than 400 EC-5000 lasers are in use throughout the world.

For more information please contact Dr. Ray Sayano of Nidek Technologies, Inc. at +1-626-578-1351 or by fax, at +1-626-578-1327.


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