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NEWS OF 1999

(Mar. 30, 1999)
Nidek Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against VISX

(Feb. 24, 1999)
Nidek Files Counterclaims Against VISX Excimer Laser Patents

(Feb. 18, 1999)
Nidek Responds to Patent infringement Allegations by VISX

(Feb. 5, 1999)
Nidek and Partners Create New Human Graft Tissue Joint Venture

(Feb. 3, 1999)
Nidek wins another round in excimer laser patent litigation

(Jan. 21, 1999)
Nidek defends itself against VISX

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- TOKYO, JAPAN, Friday, February 5, 1999 -

Nidek Co., Ltd. has joined forces with Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. and INAX Corp. to create Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. (J-TEC), a new venture for the engineering and production of human graft tissue. In collaboration with Professor Minoru Ueda (Department of Oral Surgery, Nagoya University School of Medicine), J-TEC will research and develop technology to cultivate human skin, cartilage and bone cells, which may be used in their pure state or combined with artificial materials for specific applications.

The new company, located in Gamagori, Japan, will provide graft tissues to local clients first, gradually expanding to nationwide distribution. Sales projections anticipate dramatic growth, from 300 million yen in 2004 to 4 billion yen by 2009. Tissue engineering is an emerging new technology, with huge potential markets being created by the world's aging populations.

Since its inception in 1971, Nidek Co., Ltd. has concentrated its research and development efforts in the eyecare field. As the company sets it sights on the 21st century, it is expanding its horizons to include both "Eye & Health Care". Mr. Hideo Ozawa, President of parent company Nidek Co., Ltd. and J-TEC states: "Nidek's corporate priority for the 21st century is to apply our skills first to 'eyecare', followed by applications to Body and Healthcare. This expansion will not only create a synergy with our core business, but will stimulate a sense of pride and motivation among our employees as we make a greater contribution to society."

The company, long a leader in the field of surgical lasers and diagnostic instruments, is also collaborating with its J-TEC partner Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. to develop ophthalmic pharmaceuticals.


President :Hideo Ozawa
Foundation Date :February 1, 1999
Capital :100 million yen
Shareholders : Nidek Co., Ltd. (Controlling Share 63.4%)
INAX Corp., Ltd. (Controlling Share 13.3%)
Toyama Chemical Co., Ltd. (Controlling Share 13.3%)
Tokai Bank Group (Controlling Share 10.0%)
Directors of the Board : Hideo Ozawa (Chairman of the Board)
Toshihiro Osuka
Kentaro Takamura
Toshiro Fujisawa
Isamu Takakura
Masaakira Ishikawa
Isamu Kobayashi (Auditor)
Number of Employees :9
Head Office : 6-209-1 Miyakita-dori, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0022 Japan (From August 1999)
(Temporary Office: 23-1 Hamacho, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0036 Japan)
TEL +81-533-66-2020
FAX +81-533-66-2019
Fiscal Year Ending :March

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