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· Nidek Co. Ltd. (Gamagori, Japan)
· Nidek International (Tokyo, Japan)
· Nidek Incorporated (Fremont, CA, USA)
· Nidek Technologies Inc. (Pasadena, CA, USA)
· Nidek S.A. (Creteil, France)
· Distributors

NIDEK CO., LTD. (Gamagori, Japan)

Photo of Nidek Japan Founded in 1971, Nidek has grown into the world's leading supplier of surgical and diagnostic products for vision care. Based in Gamagori, Japan, and with 1995 revenues of close to US $300 million, Nidek is today firmly established in over 90 countries through a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and specialist independent distributors.

  Address   :  34-14, Maehama, Hiroishi-cho
               Gamagori, Aichi  443-0038  JAPAN
  Telephone :  +81-533-67-6611
  Fax       :  +81-533-67-6610
  URL       :  http://www.nidek.co.jp/
  E-mail    :  info@nidek.co.jp


Responsible for worldwide sales of Nidek products through direct and distributor sales network in 90 countries.

  Address   :  6th Floor, Takahashi Bldg.,
               No. 2, 3-chome Kanda-jinboucho
               Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo  101-0051  JAPAN
  Telephone :  +81-3-3288-0571
  Fax       :  +81-3-3288-0570
  E-mail    :  ask@nidek.co.jp


Photo of Nidek Inc. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and catering to the demands of the vision care market in the USA and Canada.

  Address   :  47651 Westinghouse Drive
               Fremont, CA  94539  USA
  Telephone :  +1-510-226-5700
  Toll Free :   1-800-223-9044 (In the U.S. only)
  Fax       :  +1-510-226-5750
  E-mail    :  info@nidek.com


Established to spearhead Nidek's research and development programs. In addition, NTI acts as the initial study sponsor for the Nidek's EC-5000 Excimer Laser during the FDA Investigational period in the USA. NTI is also responsible for exploration and evaluation of new technologies for future Nidek products and business segments.

  Address   :  675 S. Arroyo Parkway, Suite 330
               Pasadena, CA  91105  USA
  Telephone :  +1-626-578-1351
  Fax       :  +1-626-578-1327

NIDEK SA (Creteil, France)

Photo of Nidek SA Located in Créteil, France in the Paris suburbs as a base for the company's extensive French operations.

  Address   :  59, rue Auguste, PERRET EUROPARC
               94042  Créteil  FRANCE
  Telephone :  +33-1-49809797
  Fax       :  +33-1-49803208


In ophthalmic treatment, the products of Nidek are in full activity all over the world. Also, the hardworking staff of our partners in distribution are highly contributing to our success.
If you are interested in associating with Nidek, please feel free to contact us through e-mail or fax.

  E-mail :  info@nidek.co.jp
  Fax    :  +81-3-3288-0570 (Nidek International Division, Tokyo)

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